Rene Jolly RJ Cuvee Speciale Brut NV

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A full-flavoured but beautifully balanced Champagne with acacia-honey and citrus fruit flavours, crisp acidity and a toasty finish.

Independent since 1737, this award winning family owned Champagne producer only produce and bottle wines from their own vineyards, situated in the village of Landreville in the southern most area of Champagne known as the Aube or Coté des Bar: Their cellars date back to 1737 and currently have a maximum production of just 35000 bottles and vineyards totalling eleven hectares. 100% of their grapes are handpicked, (the harvesting machine is forbidden in the Champagne appellation), and pressed using a new type of press, a "horizontal and hydrolic" from the famous press builder 'Coquard', this press is unique in the whole of Champagne. Depending on variety their still wines are aged from two to four years, the settlement of the yeast is natural with no filtration, in order to keep their aromatic qualities as fine and interesting as possible. The blend is done by three generations, René, Hervé and Pierre-Eric in order to ensure the taste remains the same through time. After a few years in their eighteenth century cellar, the riddling is done by hand, a job still performed by René himself. Disgorgement is done "à la volée", without freezing the neck.

Organically produced, Rene Jolly uses no fertilizers, no pestisides, no chemicals, nothing.