Spirit of Stonewall Pink Rhubarb gin

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28th June 1969 The Stonewall Inn bar, New York: 1:20 am. This date marks the event where the struggle for acceptance of the LGBT community would soar into an International movement

Stonewall Gins are made in Lincolnshire UK at a small batch craft distillery. The recipe for the London dry gin includes juniper, cardamom, orange, lemon, liquorice, almonds and finally a local coastal berry called sea buckthorn which gives the it's gin fine citrus almost mango notes Once they had perfected the London dry gin this was used as a base for their tasty but not so sweet Pink Rhubarb gin by adding an authentic rhubarb flavour..

For every bottle sold, £1 will be donated to the Stonewall Charity UK to continue the ongoing worldwide struggle for acceptance of the LGBT community