Campbells Rutherglen Muscat HALVES

Code: AA0163

Made from 100% Muscat a Petit Grains from the Rutherglen vineyards. The grapes receive a prolonged period of ripening to ensure maximum sugar levels and raisined character. The wine is fortified with the addition of grape spirit and then blended into a solera system to maintain a consistent style when combined with wines from previous vintages. This Rutherglen Muscat contains portions from a number of vintages over five or so years. Bright amber gold in colour with copper tints. Fresh raisin fruit backed by a hint of fortifying spirit and aged oak characters. Luscious mouthfilling raisin fruit followed by cleansing spirit on the back palate. No need for cellaring as style is determined upon blending and will not improve in the bottle. This wine should ideally be consumed within 2-3 weeks after opening. Excellent with strong cheeses, plum pudding or as an after dinner drink with coffee.