Portugese & Spanish Tasting 27/09/2019

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A Bit About The Tasting ....

September 27th 2019 | 7pm | Krantz Kitchen Showroom, By Newport Arch, Lincoln

We will be tasting a range of unique wines from the Iberian peninsula, concentrating mainly on Portugal with a few very interesting new wines from Spain.

Marta a native specialist Portuguese & Iberian importer will be hosting the night, experience her passion about her wines and taste the quality and diversity that Portuguese wines have to offer.

We'll Taste Something For Everyone, Reds - White - Rose

We have booked a Friday evening, so no work the next day !!!

Straight from the Lady herself,

"I am a passionate Lover of Portugal, its traditions, its cultures and definitely its wines.

Portugal is home to many unique and flavoursome indigenous grape varieties that coupled with

a variety of climates and landscapes make wines of such inviduality and flavour that they deserve

to be made more available to the British public"

£17.50 pp