San Silvestro Ottone I Barbera del Piedmonte DOC

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The legend is about a young boy called Aleramo who was abandoned by his parents and grew up at the court of Sezzadio to become a skilled soldier. Aleramo fell in love with Adelasia, daughter of the emperor Otto I of Saxony, but they could not stay together due to her noble origins. Otto, however, promised Aleramo the title of Marquis, and donated him all the land he was able to ride over in three days. This was how he fixed the boundaries of the Monferrato, a region of important wines. This legend inspired the Aleramica brand: wines with noble origins, made from grapes grown on vineyards which were once the theatre of history, and featuring a reproduction of the Monferrato shield on the label. This Barbera is deep, bright ruby red in colour. The bouquet is fresh and bursting with hints of ripe berries. Flavours of cherries and jam make it nicely soft on the palate. Enjoy with cold meats, pasta or red meats. Try lightly chilled in summer with salads or a snack.